Dear Police,

A few days have passed after our visit to Poland. We have plenty of nice memories and one great experience, which was very professionally solved by Polish Police officers’ crew. In fact, a typically tourist adventure occurred – before Eric Clapton’s concert, one of our tickets by accident fell into the quay water. Not knowing what to do, we asked the police officers on patrol at that very location for help (Gdynia, Poland on 14th August, 2008, navy blue VW van) although we realized that in such situation there was little they could do. Nonetheless, we were pleasantly surprised by the attentiveness and professional actions of the police officers. The police officers found the most optimal solution and our ticket (its cost 185Lt/180ZL) was again in our hands and we could get into the great guitar player E.Clapton’s impressive concert! We would like to express sincere thanks to that wonderful and well-qualified police crew, which left us with the warmest memories and made our visit in Poland enjoyable.

We would like to sincerely thank relative Gdynia Police Department and its professional and benevolent police officers!

The warmest wishes from Klaipeda, LT.

Ingrida and Vilius

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